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Aloha ATF is a Magnificent Seven Adult RPG set in the ATF universe. As always, we, the writers, donīt own the characters originally portrayed in the series The Magnificent Seven; however, the original characters are ours. (Please donīt use the ladies without contacting one of us. Thanks!)

The Magnificent Seven Their Ladies

Chris Larabee

Vin Tanner

Celestial Starr , written by Kimber

JD Dunne

Jessica James, written by Ginger

Buck Wilmington

Brooke Nichols, written by Tracy

Josiah Sanchez

Alexis Farrell, written by Karol

Ezra Standish

Corellana Christenson, written by Cat

Nathan Jackson

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Site Opened: February 16, 2002
Site Updated: March 26, 2003

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